FINALLY sold my home!!! So excited to be moving onto the next chapter of my life. With this being said, there were 3 things that I knew needed to be done. 1) Insulate the garage attic. 2) Replace two panels of the garage door from a little mishap of a truck's emergency break releasing and the truck rolling backwards off the ramps and into the door. THANKFULLY no one was hurt. 3) And the big one....the cement pad/skirt needed to be lifted up as it was sinking; very common in this region with all the clay we have. The decision was have dirt poured into it or go with foam insulation to lift it. I decided to contact Jim Hayden from AR Foam Insulation. So glad I did. Not only is he a great guy, he did a superb job and will highly recommend him and using foam insulation for these kind of projects.

I will post some before and after pics soon!!! (Disclaimer - posted with permission from Jim Hayden of AR Foam Insulation)

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