Are you finding yourself with projects that you keep putting off? I know for myself, I find making the time to do "home" projects to be tough to fit into my schedule, but now is the time to get them done. One thing I have done while home is deep de-cluttering. Below you will find a list that I came up with to share with you.

Puzzles with missing pieces

Things they never play with

Old purses

Socks with holes

Socks that have missing mates (I'm guilty of this hoping that the mate will mysteriously appear)

Movies you don't watch (do we even need DVDs anymore)

Burnt out candles

Cords that don't have a use

ANYTHING you have too much of (do we really need all that Tupperware?)

Towels with holes

Old perfume

Old make-up

Old lotion

Half-empty bottles

Expired food

Old pillows

Restaurant sauce packets

Old mail

Expired medication

Birthday cards

Earrings that don't have a mate

Clothes that you haven't worn in 6-12 months

Clothes that don't fit

Old cleaning supplies

Worn out shoes

Take out menus (find those online now)

Old belts

Old nail polish

Broken makeup

Old coupons

Rags with holes

This should get you rolling and, as you are de-cluttering your living space, you will definitely come across lots of items that are no longer needed.

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