Good afternoon everyone. Thought I would give a shout out for a DIY project. A friend of mine wanted an updated look to her fireplace and mantle, and something that was budget friendly (who doesn't want budget friendly!). Well folks, this project was done for $15 (one gallon of MILK paint; and the other gallon she used leftover white paint).

INSTRUCTIONS: This process is called whitewashing - She used white latex paint mixed 50/50 with water. She painted 4 bricks at a time (as the paint is runny and messy) and took a rag and dabbed it. She did one coat. She did the whole fireplace, let it dry and touched up areas it if needed. For the mantle and tile she used black Rustolium MILK paint. Depending on the color of brick will depend on the completed look/colors. Some people will dab on gray paint over white for a different look too.

I personally LOVE how this turned out.

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